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MAR 15(FRI) - JUN 9(SUN), 2024

Art Center Ongoing Presents
"A Solitary Emotion" , Hachibankan / Kanagawa, Japan
※Koganecho Bazaar 2024 -The World, Not According to Art-
Chapter 5: Ongoing Artists Return

Artists : Marico Aoki, Yusuke Shibata, Maiko Jinushi, Atsushi Yamamoto, Masahiro Wada
Open:11:00 a.m. ‒ 7:00 p.m.
Closed : THURS(Excluding Apr. 4, May 2, Jun 6)
・May 26(Sun) 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. "Artists talk" at : STEP PLAZA Free admission
Admission : Koganecho Bazaar 2024 passport 1,000yen
*Free admission for high-school ages and under (no student discount)
“Koganecho Bazaar 2024 passport” is a multi-use pass that is valid for the entire duration of the exhibition. Please keep it with you as we will be checking them at venues entrances.
Organizer:Koganecho Area Management Center, the Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committee
I will participate in Koganecho Bazaar 2024 as part of Art Center Ongoing project. Installation works using the entire exterior of the venue will be presented.



DEC 3(SUN), 2023

"Popular Kappou Daiyaiya"- Culture Dish ①Intake - , Yahiro Shokudō / Tokyo, JAPAN
OPEN:1st 12:00 p.m.〜2:00 p.m.(meeting time 11:50 a.m.)
    2nd 5:00 p.m.〜7:00 p.m.(meeting time 4:50 p.m.)
    3rd 7:30 p.m.〜9:30 p.m.(meeting time 7:20 p.m.)
VENUE:Yahiro Shokudō(2 Chome-45-10 Yahiro, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0041)
Fee:3,000yen (advance payment required, first-come-first-served basis, will be closed when capacity is reached)
    ※The above is the price of the course meal. Beverages will be charged separately.
     Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available.
CAPACITY: 10 persons per session (30 persons in total)
RESERVATION:Please purchase tickets HERE.
※Reservations will be accepted from November 17 (Fri.) at 12:00 p.m.
※After purchasing tickets, you will receive an e-mail requesting confirmation of any allergies, etc. Please be sure to respond to the e-mail.
ORGANIZER: Token Incorporated Association, Sumida River Sumi-Yume Art Project Executive Committee
CO-SPONSORED by: Sumida-ku
SUPPORTED by: Tokyo Byoken Corporation, Tobu Railway Co.
The "Culture Dish" project in the city is a project to see the city through food, or food through the city. Dividing the theme into the food process: "ingestion," "digestion," and "excretion," artist Yusuke Shibata, tea culture community "Chasen," and doujinshi Masana Izawa will present hands-on performances, lectures, and fieldwork in the streets of Sumida, respectively. The one-day-only izakaya, "Popular Kappou Daiyaiya" opened by Yusuke Shibata this time, will serve food, drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages focused on alternative items, such as Sumida's downtown highball.


DEC 10(SUN), 2023

"Middle and High School Students Holiday Art Room 2023" , The Prince Chichibu Memorial Civic Hall / Saitama, JAPAN
■Video Class 「Archives of strange feelings-Think of a new diary!」
  1:00 p.m.~4:00 p.m.
  LECTURE:Yusuke Shibata
■5 classes: 3,500 yen ■3 classes + stage intensive class: 3,000 yen ■3 classes: 2,400 yen ■1 class: 1,000 yen each (music, drama, video, or dance class)
I will be teaching a video class in a workshop for junior high and high school students organized by the Prince Chichibu Memorial Civic Hall. As part of my personal search for new documentary possibilities through trial and error, I will work with junior high and high school students to create a new diary, taking hints from their daily "grimace," "cobweb," "hmm? and other things, I will try to make a new diary with middle and high school students. The contents of the WS by other instructors who are active in stage, music, and dance are also very attractive, so please take a look at the contents of the event. My class is only one day, Sunday, December 10! Only ten people in each class will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. No experience is necessary at all, so if you have relatives or friends in middle or high school who might be interested, I would be glad to hear from them.


MAR 12(SUN), 2023

"New Authentic" , ya-gins / Gunma
Organizer:NPO Maebashi Arts Practice
Food stall :
・Handmade udon (thin noodles):Thao Hoang, Thanh Quang
・Handmade udon (flat noodles): Nguyen Nguyen, Nhat Le
・Bun bo hue (beef noodles): Yusuke Shibata
・Nem ran (spring roll): Nyamcom
*Because of the limited number of items available, we will accept reserve orders until March 11, limited to one item per store per customer.
Reservation : yusuke0603@hotmail.com (Yusuke Shibata)
Subsidy:Kawamura Arts and Cultural Foundation, Arts Council Maebashi
Special sponsorship:Yamato Co., Ltd.
Cooperation:ya-gins, Bentena SHOP, Thao Hoang, Nguyen Nguyen, Thanh Quang, Nhat Le, Thanh Tuyen, Keiko Amagasa, Kazuhiko Koide, Shinobu Imai, Hitoshi Imai,Shino Ishihara,Toshihiro Hukunishi
Flyer desgin : Wataru Tonooka
For one year from April 2022, I have been researching immigrant workers, including international students and technical intern trainees, as well as the environment and community surrounding them in the northern Kanto region in Japan. In addition to the reportage and artworks created from the experience of working undercover as a dispatched worker at a deli factory in Kumagaya where many Vietnamese people work, the main event will include four stalls selling handmade udon noodles and Vietnamese food in front of the gallery. Vietnamese will make Maebashi's handmade udon noodles, and the Vietnamese dishes Bun Bo Hue and Nem ran will be made by Japanese. Everyone is welcome, so please come and enjoy the new authentic taste.


DEC 8(THUR) - DEC 25(SUN),2022

"Nakamura・Shibata's Magic Show Candceled" , Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo, Japan
6:00PM〜9:00PM (WED, THUR and FRI), 12:00PM〜9:00PM(SAT and SUN) Closed on MON and TUE , Admission : ¥400(with flavored tea)
・DEC 10(SAT) 7:00PM~ "Opening Reception" Admission : ¥1000 (with light catering one drink and entrance fee)
・DEC 14(WED) 8:00PM~ "Pre Ongoing School" The artist gives a online talk about the exhibition. Admission : ¥1000 (with cake, one drink and entrance fee)
・DEC 18(SUN) 7:00PM~ "Nakamura・Shibata's Magic Show Urgently Held with Magic Yamamoto" Admission : ¥1000 (with one drink and entrance fee)
・DEC 25(SUN) 15:00PM~"Ongoing Years to Come" Admission : ¥1000 (with Hot sake, Oden and entrance fee)
Aoi Nakamura and I will be showing our works at "RENEWAL NEW REAL" at Art Center Ongoing in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The magic show has been canceled, and we will exhibit an installation work including video works.


OCT 15(SAT) , 2022 ※in case of bad weather, OCT 29(SAT)

"The Art Torrent" , The National Museum of Art, Okutama (MOAO) / Tama River, Tokyo
A.M. Session : 10:00〜 30 people Sold Out
P.M. Session : 13:00〜 30 people Sold Out
Admission fee : Rafting participation ¥9,999
※Tickets for rafting spectators are sold out, but you can still watch the works from the riverwalk.
Place : Tama RIver(Ontake-en〜Gunbata Bridge)・The National Museum of Art, Okutama (MOAO)
Artists : Mineki Murata, Yusuke Shibata, Masanori Oishi, Masahiro Wada, Golden Age, Kinmaki, Natsuki Akaike, Taro Shinoda, Noe Aoki, Newcomer“H” SOKERISSA!, Gozo Yoshimasu, Gyokudo Kawai
Organizing:The National Museum of Art, Okutama (MOAO)Art Center Ongoing
Cooperative Projects:OKUTAMA ART FESTIVAL 2022
Cooperation:Mitake Race Rafting Club・Bochi Bochi Adventure Susono・Gyokudo Art Museum・Ozawa Sake Brewery Co.
Boat ride down the river. The banks are dotted with art. Witness the art from the boat. You can never stop to admire it. It is not an appreciation, but a witness. The river flows without stopping. You surrender yourself to the flow. This is the way to encounter art that cannot be controlled as you wish. Do not miss the art that is scattered throughout nature. Spread your awareness in all directions. While humans search for art, nature is stirring. Art and nature are inseparably blended. The river is filled with art. (Director Sazuka, National Museum of Art)


FEB 23(WED) , 2022

"Finger on the Rice" , Finger in the Soup / Toyko, Japan
※Sorry, already fully booked
February 23rd (Wed, Holiday)
11:30〜12:30 - 6 people fully booked
13:00〜14:00 - 6 people fully booked
17:30〜18:30 - 6 people fully booked
19:00〜20:00 - 6 people fully booked
Finger in the Soup (Art Center Ongoing)
1-8-7 Kichijoji-Higashimachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0002, Japan
Finger on the Rice is a sushi restaurant by artists Masaya Chiba and Yusuke Shibata, which will open as a one-day event at Finger in the Soup in Kichijoji. The theme of the event is "life and food," and they will be offering a one-of-a-kind sushi course and drink pairing. Please let us know your preferred time, number of people, whether you would like a pairing, and whether you have any allergies. Seating is limited, so please make your reservation as soon as possible.

Finger on the Rice_DM

FEB 18(FRI) , 2022

"A life with meaning -Tokyo stories-" , GUIMARÃES / Vienna, Austria
Artists: Atsushi Yamamoto, Chiho Hayashi, Haruka Saito, Hiroyuki Ooki, Kaori Endo, Maiko Jinushi, Marico Aoki, Masahiro Wada, Tetsushi Higashino, Yoshiki Tanaka, Yusuke Shibata
2G + FFP2 mask is mandatory
I am so happy to announce a one-day screening event at GUIMARÃES in Vienna which is curated by Nozomu Ogawa, director of Art center Ongoing. My latest video work, “Lifetime Respect” will be premiered.


NOV 30(TUE) , 2021

『LOST FRAMES: Movements of Persistence 3』 , LOST FRAMES / Manila, The Philippines
My latest video work, "Someone's Time / 2021-11-24" will be featured at an online screening and discussion event "Movements of Persistence | Part III" organized by @lostframes.ph.


NOV 23(WED) - DEC 22(TUE), 2020

"Public and Freedom Ⅲ" -CADAN × ISETAN MEN’S :Autumn Takeover- , ISETAN MEN'S SHINJUKU / Tokyo, Japan
1F Entrance・・・Yosuke TAKAYAMA



"PROMOTION, WORLD!" , Art Center Ongoing / Tokyo, Japan
12:00PM〜9:00PM(Closed on MON and TUE), Admission : ¥400(with flavored tea)
・NOV 7(SAT) 7:00PM~ "Pre Ongoing School"  The artist gives a online talk about the exhibition.
・NOV 14(SAT)7:00PM~ "IBC Secret Social Party" Admission : ¥1000 (with secret drink and entrance fee), Reservation required, only 15 tickets
※not live streaming


OCT 28(WED) - NOV 15(SUN), 2020

"10TH"-Later Half- , WAITINGROOM / Tokyo, Japan
A PROGRAM(All Artists) - DATE : OCT 28(WED)・31(SAT)・NOV 7(SAT)・14(SAT) 12:00PM-7:00PM
B PROGRAM(All Artists) - DATE : NOV 1(SUN)・8(SUN)・15(SUN) 12:00PM-5:00PM
There are defferent programs depends on day. PLease check the schedule carefully.


FEB 1(SAT) - MAR 14(SAT), 2020

"The National Museum of Art, Okutama (MOAO) 'The National Mizuumi of Art, Okutama' —Supporting each other. OKUTAMA coin—" , gallery αM / Tokyo
11:00AM~7:00PM (closed : Sunday, Monday and National Hollidays)
I am going to participate in a group exhibition curated by Museum of Art, Okutama (MOAO). They try to create a new economic system for helping each other by making completely new money(Okutama-coin) available in this exhibition. My new video work will be brought out there.


OCT 31(THUR), 2019

『VIDEO BATTLE Yusuke Shibata』 , Galeri RJ Katamsi ISI Yogyakarta / Yogyakarta, Indonesia
※ Organized by Ruang MES 56
I am so happy to announce a screening event of my twelve video works planned by Ruang Mes 56, which is a part of program of the exhibition "We Go Where We Now".


SEP 30, 2019(MON)

"See the world by Artist in Residence | Indonesia" , PARADISE AIR / Matsudo, Chiba
I am going to participate in this talk event about art scene in Indonesia as a guest speaker.

ParadiseAirTalk_DM ASIA-center_DM02

SEP 20, 2019(FRI)

"Southeast Asia Research Trip Talk" , Art Center Ongoing / Kichijoji, Tokyo
I am going to have a tolk event about my research trip in South East Asia with Video Artist Atsushi Yamamoto.

東南アジアオンゴーイング報告会_DM ASIA-center_DM02

JUL 31(WED), 2019

"Artist Talk by Yusuke Shibata" , Yeo Workshop / Singapore
※ Organized by Post-Museum

Talk event with Post-Museum. I will show some my previous video works and talk about my ongoing project. This talk is part of Food, Lions and Zombies by Post-Museum.

PostMuseum_DM ASIA-center_DM02

JUL 19(FRI), 2019

"Artist Talk by Yusuke Shibata" , Tentacles /Bangkok, Thailand
I am going to have a talk event about my ongoing project and screening of previous video works in Tentacles which is regidency program in Bangkok.

Tentacles_DM ASIA-center_DM02

Jun 1(SAT) - Aug 31(SAT), 2019

"Research and discussion of video art history in ASEAN and build a network of the video artists"
/ Manila, Hò Chi Minh, Hanoi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, Yogyakarta

I am planning to do research in 8 cities of 6 countries receiving a grant of Asia Fellowship from The Japan Foundation Asia Center.


Jun 23, 2018(SAT)

"DIALOGUE with artist Yusuke Shibata" , Floating Projects /Hong Kong
Hours : 3:00-5:00pm
I am going to show 11 video works from past in a screening event with Art collective "Floating Projects". We will have a talk event after the screening.
Organized by Floating Projects, soundpocket

FloatingProjects_DM02 FloatingProjects_DM.jpg

Jun 26(TUE) - Jun 30(SAT)

"Meeting Point" , Yet Thirtieth Experimental Art Space /Hong Kong
※Organized by soundpocket
, supported by Art Center Ongoing
Hours : 14:00〜20:00
With the support of soundpocket and Art Center Ongoing, I was currently undertaking a 6-week residency in Hong Kong. I will show an installation which is focusing on illegal night market in Sham Shui Po and the joss paper reproductions.


Jan 28 (SAT) - Feb 26 (SUN) , 2017

Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2017/ Partner Program
"Public and Freedom II" , WAITINGROOM /Ebisu, Tokyo
Hours: Mon. 5:00-11:00 pm, Thur.-Sat. 12-7pm, Sun. 12-6pm Closed: Tue, Wed, and National Holidays

・Opening Reception: 1/28 (Sat.) 6-9pm
I am going to have a solo exhibition At waitingroom, Ebisu. I will show an installation of a mix of photographs, and three-dimensional works.

Public and Freedom II_DM

Oct 30, 2016(SUN)
SUPER OPEN STUDIO Associated event

no appointment necessary and participation FREE


Sep 4 (SUN), Sep 22(THUR)
『The National Okutama Cinema Conplex』 , The National Museum of Art, Okutama(MOAO) / Okutama, Tokyo
12:00PM〜8:00PM (OPEN: SAT, SUN, Public Holiday)
1day free pass:¥1000

・Sep 4 (SUN) Screnning of Yusuke Shibata works :12:25PM〜12:55PM
・Sep 22 (THUR) Screnning of Yusuke Shibata works :2:40PM〜3:20PM


Aug 17 (Wed) - Sep 4 (Sun) ,
"Public and Freedom" , Art Center Ongoing / Kichijoji, Tokyo
12:00PM ~ 9:00PM(closed:Monday and Tuesday), Admission ¥400(with flavored tea)

・Aug 20 (Sat) 7:00PM~ Talk Guest:Yousuke BANDAI(Photographer)
admission:¥1000(with one drink)
・Aug 21 (Sun) 7:00PM~ Opening Receptopn
admission:¥1000(with food and one drink)
・Aug 26 (FRI) 7:00PM~ Talk Guest:Isamu SAKAMOTO(Photographer)
admission:¥1000(with one drink)
・Aug 27 (Sat) 7:00PM~ Pre Ongoing School (Artist talk) Guest:Atsushi YAMAMOTO(Artist)
admission:¥1500 (with beer or cake and one drink)
・Sep 3 (FRI) 7:00PM~ Talk Guest:Keiko SASAOKA(Photographer)
admission:¥1000(with one drink)


Feb 27 (FRI) , 2015
"Ongoing Culture Day" , Art Center Ongoing / Kichijoji, Tokyo
Artists:Tetsushi Higashino, Kenji Ide, Yusuke Shibata, Masahiro Wada, Atsushi Yamamoto, Takuya Yamashita ※Skype: Fuyuka Shindo
Moderator: Nozomu Ogawa
Admission: One Drink
The Artists participating in Artist in residency program in Manila, Philipine are going to give a report about the experience at Art Center Ongoing in Kichijoji.


Feb 22 (SUN) , 2015
『TERATOTERA FESTIVAL 2015 -Encounter - 《10x10》』 , Musashino Cultural Theater / Mitaka, Tokyo
1:00PM-2:40PM(open: 12:30PM)、5:30PM-7:10PM(open: 5:00PM)
Artists:Taro Izumi, Kenji Ide, Hiroyuki Oki, Takuro Kotaka, Yusuke Shibata, Hikaru Suzuki, Maiko Jinushi, Atsushi Yamamoto, Masahiro Wada
I'm participating in a rerun movie program that shows each 10 minuites video works by 10 contemporary artists.


Dec 13 (SAT) - Dec 16 (TUE) , 2014
『NENDO』 , PAN/// 98B COLLABoratory / Manila, The Philippines
Co-oranized : 98B COLLABoratoryArt Center Ongoing
Opening Reception: Dec 13 (SAT), 3:00PM〜
Roundtable Discussion:Dec 14 (SUN), 3:00PM〜
Artists:Tetsushi Higashino, Kenji Ide, Yusuke Shibata, Masahiro Wada, Atsushi Yamamoto, Takuya Yamashita, Fuyuka Shindo
Nendo is a group exhibition, featuring new works made in Manila by seven Japanese artists. It is the final output of Research and Residency Program co-oranized by 98B COLLABoratory, Manila and Art Center Ongoing.


November 22(SAT) - December 23(TUE)
"Some Like It Witty" , Gallery EXIT /Hong Kong, CN
Curator:Daisuke Miyatsu
OPEN: TUE〜SAT AM11:00〜PM6:00
Opening Reception: December 22(SAT), PM5:00〜PM8:00
Curator's Talk:December 22(SAT), PM2:30〜PM4:00, McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
I am participating in a group exhibition at Gallery EXIT in Hong Kong curated by a Japanese contemporary art collector, Daisuke MIYATSU.


Dec 20 (SAT) , 2014
"Azamino College" , Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino /Yokohama, Kanagawa
Lecturer:Takuhiro Fukui(Artist) Yusuke Shibata(Artist)
Eligible applicant:high school students or older ※up to 40 people
Participation fee : ¥500
Close of application:December 8(MON)
I am going to talk with Takuhiro Fukui at Azamino College which is held in Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino.
For the theme"Node of Art and City", I will mainly talk about "Laundry Disco"2013, Roppongi Art Night.


July 12 (SAT)ーAugust 17 (SUN), 2014
"Summer Group Show - From Now On" , waitingroom_logo waitingroom / Ebisu, Tokyo
Open: FRI,SAT,SUN PM1:00〜PM7:00 MON PM5:00〜PM11:00
Opening Reception: July 12(SAT), PM6:00〜PM9:00
I'm participating in a group show at waitingroom, Ebisu.
I will show two video works, "Distance"2012 and "Skater"2012.


April 27(SUN) , 2014
"10×10" , Kichijoji-Baustheater / Kichijoji, Tokyo
11:20AM〜1:30PM (open-11:05)
Entrance fee:¥1,500
Artists : Taro Izumi, Kenji Ide, Hiroyuki Oki, Takuro Kotaka, Yusuke Shibata, Hikaru Suzuki, Maiko Jinushi,
Atsushi Yamamoto, Masahiro Wada
Special guest: Akio Miyazawa(playwright, stage director, novelist)
I'm participating in a movie program that shows each 10 minuites video works by 10 contemporary artists in the movie theater.All artists are supposed to show new works.


March 10 (MON) , 2014
I am interviewed about my previous works on art4d.asia.


March 15 (SAT)ーApril 20 (SUN), 2014
"BGM" , waitingroom_logo waitingroom / Ebisu, Tokyo
Open: FRI,SAT, SUN PM1:00〜PM7:00 MON PM5:00〜PM11:00
Opening Reception: March 15(SAT), PM6:00〜PM9:00
I am going to have a solo exhibition At waitingroom, Ebisu. I will show an installation of a mix of photographs, videos and three-dimensional works focusing on the relationship between a story and the reality surrounded by the story as an approach the reality as it is whose relations between the truth and false are very close but ambiguous.


2013. 11/28 (THU)ー12/28 (SAT)
"DRIBBLE" , Centro Cultural Borges Borges_DM / Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Opening Party: 2013.11/28(THU), 7:00PM ~
organized : URGENTE
I will show some sculptures, photos, video works and things which I used for shooting as an installation.
The main theme of the show titled "Dribble" is about story behind us. The works are focusing on the line between realities and fiction in front of us. Especially in this A.I.R in Buenos Aires, I am focusing on illegal acts like pickpockets and pirated copy.


2013. 11/15(FRI)ー11/22(FRI)
Open Studio , La Ene / Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Opening Party: 2013.11/15(FRI) 7:00PM ~


2013. 11/2 (SAT)ー12/8 (SUN)
"Art Program Ome 2013" / Ome, Tokyo
10:00AM ~ 5:00PM (closed: Monday), Admission ¥200
I will show a video work focused on JAPANESE POP IDOL which are collaborated with Atsushi Yamamoto.
music: Kohey Iga(from Hinomari


2013. 9/25 (WED)- 2013. 9/28 (SAT)
"Ongoing FES-Art Fair Ongoing-" , Art Center Ongoing / Kichijoji, Tokyo
12:00PM~9:00PM, Admission ¥400(with flavored tea)
・9/28(SAT) 7:00PM~ Closing Party Admission:¥1000(light meal and 1drink will be served. Entrance Fee is included.)
I'm participating in"Ongoing FES-Art Fair Ongoing-"at Art Center Ongoing in KIchijoji.

2013. 9/13 (FRI)
"Ongoing Film Festival" , Art Center Ongoing / Kichijoji, Tokyo
7:00PM ~, Admission:Minimum one drink order required
I'm participating in"Ongoing Film Festival"at Art Center Ongoing in KIchijoji.
"SKATER 2011" which I made in Canada will be shown.


2013. 4/11 (THUR)ー4/21 (SUN)
"PLANET" , Art Center Ongoing / Kichijoji, Tokyo
12:00PM ~ 9:00PM(closed:Monday and Tuesday), Admission ¥400(with flavored tea)
・13th April (SAT) 7:00PM~ Opening Party
 Admission:¥1000(light meal and 1drink will be served. Entrance Fee is included.)
・20th April (SAT) 7:00PM~ Guest Talk "Possible?" Guest:Company Matsuo(Porno video director )
  Admission: ¥1000(with 1drink, for first 30 people, reservation needed, entance fee ¥400 is included)
・21th April (SUN) 3:00PM~ Pre Ongoing School
 Admission:¥1500 (with cake and drink, for first 30 people,entance fee ¥400 is included)
A solo exhibition of new installation using pictures and objects with three dimensions is to be held at Art Center Ongoing in KIchijoji. Surprisingly, Company Matsuo, a porno video director, will be invited to my guest talk show.


2013. 3/23 (SAT)ー3/24(SUN)
"Roppongi Art Night 2013""Laundry Disco" , Sun Laundry /Roppongi, Tokyo
23th(SAT)17:55 ~24th(SUN) 05:39
Performance : 23th(SAT)20:00 ~21:00, 22:30 ~ 23:30 24th(SUN) 01:00〜02:00
※There is a possibility the time will change.
cooperation : Sun Laundry
I am participating in an all-night art event "Roppongi Art Night 2013" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation.
A respected dry cleaning establishment turns into a one-night disco with sexy dancers! An on-going after-hours disco for no one in particular that subverts everyday dry cleaning equipment into devices of seduction, while the combination of Roppongi-esque night clubbing with a nostalgic storefront creates a delectable chaos of uncontrollable machine rhythms.


2012. 11/15 (THUR)- 12/14 (FRI)
"How to" , gFAL+FAL /Kodaira, Tokyo
11:00 ~ 5:00
closed: (SUN)(Holiday)
artist talk&opening reception: 2012.11/16(FRI), 05:00PM ~
At Gallery of The Fine Art Laboratory(gFAL+FAL) on the campus of the Musashino Art University in Japan, I am going to have a solo exhibition of "How To" which is the first show since I came back from Canada. I will reconstruct it as a new installation adding new works with a focus on works produced in Canada.


2012. 11/24 (SAT)
"The Fine Art of Schmoozy" , Latitude53 /Edomonton, CANADA
20:00 ~
I'm participating in Sirent Auction at contemporary visual cultural center Latitude53 in Edmonton, Canada.


2012. 12/17 (MON)ー12/22 (SAT)
"Awagami Printing Art Exhibition" , Bumpodo Gallery /Tokyo
10:00 ~ 6:30
Saturday 10am to 5pm
Artist Talk: 2012.12/17 (MON), 3:30pm ~
Opening Reception: 2012.12/17 (MON), 5:00pm ~
Gallery Talk: 2012.12/20 (THUR), 2:00pm ~
I am participating in a group exhibition organized by Awagami Factory, a Japanese paper maker. The theme is mixed media works taken in the method of inkjet prints on the Japanese paper.


2012. 10/4 (THUR)- 11/15 (THUR)
"Just Draw" , Dc3 Art Projects /Edmonton, Canada
06:00PM ~ 09:00PM (THUR, FRI)
11:00AM ~ 06:00PM (SAT)
*Other times by appointment.
Opening Reception: 2012.10/4(THUR), 06:00PM~ 11:00PM
I am paticipating in a group show at Dc3 Art Projects in Edmonton, Canada which focuses on drawing.


2012. 10/20 (SAT)- 11/2 (FRI)
"TERATOTERA FESTIVAL 2012 NEO PUBLIC [MOVIE] " , Kichijoji-Baustheater /Kichijoji, Tokyo
09:00PM 〜
entrance fee/ ¥1300
I'm participating in a movie program that shows 10 contemporary artists' movie works in the movie theater.
『 Distance 2012 』is shown in A program.


2012. 7/24 (TUE)- 8/4 (SAT)
VISIBLE PLANET , fab gallery /Edmonton, Canada
10:00 ~ 5:00 (TUE〜FRI)
2:00 ~ 5:00 (SAT)
Closed: (SUN)(MON)
opening reception : 2012. 8/2(FRI), 7:00 ~ 10:00 pm
At fab gallary on the campus of the University of Alberta in Edmonton,Canada, I am having a solo exhibition of "Visible Planet", a show of recent work including two videos and an installation about hidden moments from our everyday life.


2012. 05/12 (SAT)
Skater Workshop , Latitude53 /Edmonton , Canada
1:00 ~ 4:00
I am going to have a workshop about "Skater"which is a current work-in-progress.

What have we been surrounded by?
Street skateboarding tricks indicate it appropriately. The street skateboarders focus on the unrealistic scenes and the back scenes we receive blindly because they are taken for granted. It is the recovery of the tactile reality; you can feel and get the blind scenes just only by attacking the structures existing as materials you see but actually don't realize. In this workshop featuring the skateboarders' approach to their cities, you can visualize the area by performing tricks with the pizza boxes to the blindly accepted and unconscious scenes.I will have a lecture first and then, go out the street on a video shoot in the workshop. If there are a lot of participants join, I'll divide them into groups so I would like you to bring your video camera if you have. Also, I strongly recommend putting on comfortable clothes(skateboards clothing is welcome!).
Let's do pizza box great tricks in downtown Edmonton!


2012. 04/18 (WED)
The article about "Monotone Voice" was appeared on VUE WEEKLY Art Revue April 18,2012 issue.

2012. 4/13 (FRI)ー5/12 (SAT)
MONOTONE VOICE , Latitude53 in the projex room /Edmonton , Canada
11:00 ~ 07:00 (TUE〜FRI)
12:00 ~ 05:00 (SAT)
opening reception : 2012. 04/13(FRI), 7:00 pm
At contemporary visual cultural center Latitude53 in Edmonton, Canada, I am having a solo exhibition "Monotone Voice", a show of recent work including specific mixes of photography, video and three-dimensional work, dealing with chance, inevitability, and artifice in every-day life.


2011. 10/22 (SAT)ー11/4 (FRI)
『TERATOTERA FESTIVAL MOVIE』 , Kichijoji-Baustheater /Kichijoji, Tokyo
09:00PM 〜 about55min
entrance fee/ ¥1300
※B program-10/24(MON),10/27(THUR),10/30(SUN),11/2(WED),
I'm participating in a movie program that shows 17 contemporary artists' movie works in the movie theater.
『 Disconnect 2010 』(collaborated work withAtsushi Yamamoto) is shown in B program.


2011. 9/2 (FRI)ー9/21(WED)
"Essential Ongoing" , Shin Minatomura Gallery in Shinko Pier / Yokohama, Kanagawa
11:30AM〜7:00PM ※FRI.11:30AM〜9:00PM THUR closed
entrance fee/ ¥200 (including a catalogue)
I'm participating in a group exhibition related Yokohama Triennale 2011 . I show Three Video works.


2011. 5/26 (THU)
I've just been granted the 2011-2012 Fellowship to study in Canada
under the" Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artist."

2011. 5/15 (SUN)
I've just launched my web site "yusukeshibata.com -柴田祐輔-."

2010. 12/12(SUN)
“We discuss local art projects in the future through our experiences in Korea.”,R2/Kashiwa, Chiba
entrance fee/ ¥500 (including 1drink and kimchi)
*No appointment necessary
Inviting Ayako Osanai, an art coordinator, as a moderator, three promising young artists,Yusuke Shibata, Kota Takeuchi, and Yuta Nakajima, have a talk session concerning the possibilities of local art projects in the future.


2010. 9/11(FRI)ー10/11(MON)
“House" Keep out,Ongoing Presents , Kogane-cho Bazaar/Kanagwa
I'm participating in a group exhibition where takes place in the ruined building which used to be a brothel.


2010. 2/3(WED)ー2/14(SUN)
Solo exhibition "Supposed Beat" ,Art Center Ongoing /Kichijoji, Tokyo
12:00PM-9:00PM ※ 8th(Mon) and 9th(Tue) closed
I show some installation works using the whole building of the gallery.