For Suppose Beat

Concerning the way that the world seems to be reasonable and the reasonableness itself. With relation to alternative scenes and possibilities the world couldn't be like the scenes. As to the fact that the reality lies in front of us, the strength and the absolute. The world shouldn't have been like this.

Smooth surfaces are connected making the pieces fit. The surface is shift to the strongly unconscious background smoothly by aggressively fitting in. The world consists of continuous assumptions of samples. The suppose beats which suddenly appear create the world. The world is composed of the supposed beats. The feeling that the world has grown.

The scenes we don't know but we know. The continuous scenes that we haven't been to but we know. When we lose the feeling that we are in the spot not anywhere else, we discover the world is always in our image. The world seems to be reasonable by series of aggressively making the pieces we imagine fit. Many worlds are built at the same time behind our back. They are connected aggressively so that they seem reasonable and the world is made. Overwhelming familiar scenes. Ordinary common scenes are how ordinary they are. Because of their ordinariness we lose the objects to see. We are blind to them, that's what I'm interested in.

There are scenes we know in the places we don't know. They seem to be reasonable. Our images suddenly appear.

See, We are lighted.


I refer to vagueness and uncertainty of our real life in my works.For the purpose of my works, we long for the reality we could acquire in our living world where the reality is previously lost.

Our real world seems to be recreated by our preceding image; every situation of our life seems like a space with stage effect lighting unconsciously, the incongruity of computer graphics of“the show house”on the flyers gives us seems to lie as it is in front of us as if it were a real scene, the windows of “an adult motel ” seem like the imitation of the shape, or rather they no longer seem to function.

When we see the overwhelming scenes recreated precisely in front of us, we get to know there is a possibility that everything including the incongruity could be real and realize how unclear, dangerous, and uncertain our reality is. At the same time, we are confused with the unavoidable fact that the unclearness, the danger, and the uncertainty actually exist as real things and consist of the reality.

We aren't aware of them strongly because they are only in the background and we think the background often seen as natural. However, it is also true that we are affected overwhelmingly and unconsciously by them. I attempt to understand our living world thoroughly and to approach the unconscious but forced to unconscious overwhelming power of stage effects by making them recognize intended in my works.

I'm not interested in enlightening society or asking what is good or bad. I'm actually interested in the strength of the unconscious stage effects which forms uncertainty but certainty, and the strength isn't influenced by a sense of value changing according to the times and our needs.